Exhibition program 'The hand that searched in the void'

Kunstfort Vijfhuizen: contemporary art about climate and politics
Wheelchair accessible
Adults, Seniors
Exhibition of various artists in Kunstfort Vijfhuizen. The participating artists are: Razia Barsatie, Floortje Blaisse, Cristina Flores Pescorán, Mike Rijnierse, Jonathan Tang, Luis Carlos Tovar, Zhao Zhou and more. Will you come and have a look too?

What do we hold on to in dealing with change? When we feel insecure, awkward or afraid in anticipation of what is to come? Some people find comfort in reminiscing, others look for new knowledge, hoping to find peace with the next fact. Some seek it in fun and distraction, others in coming up with concrete solutions. Still others soothe their own fears by alleviating those of others. Some look doubt straight in the eye, or embrace not knowing. To what extent can letting go help in dealing with change?

The hand that searched in the void is an exhibition and public program about the search for grip and letting go. There are stories that try to better understand history. Other works embody a personal development or coping process. And we see art in which the artist partly relinquishes control and plays with the material or with technology. In each of the stories the human body plays a role in some way.

Kunstfort Vijfhuizen - the hand that searched in the void Source: visithaarlemmermeer.nl