Bed & Breakfast Hoofddorp: a cozy and comfortable B&B

Are you looking for accommodation in a B&B in Hoofddorp? The cozy Bed and Breakfast Hoofddorp has two rooms and a private garden, where you will feel right at home. Hosts Roland and Henriette had the idea to start a B&B for years. In 2014, that dream came true. They are looking forward to receiving you as a guest and showing you around in the Haarlemmermeer area.
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Rooms at Bed and Breakfast Hoofddorp 

You will find the guest rooms behind Roland and Henriette's house at the end of the garden. The rooms are approximately 23 m2 and have their own entrance. The two rooms have a double bed of 160x200 cm and a private bathroom with a shower and toilet. The rooms also feature fast and secure WiFi, a smart TV, microwave, mini fridge, and a desk. A private terrace and various seating areas are available in the garden.

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Zitje met 2 blauwe stoelen in kamer bed en breakfast hoofddorp
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Surroundings of B&B Hoofddorp 

Hoofddorp's shopping center is within a 15-minute walk or five-minute bike ride of this B&B. Here you will find several nice restaurants and shopping opportunities. The cities of, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, The Hague, and Zandvoort are also within easy reach. During your stay, you can always ask Roland and Henriëtte for tips, they have many great suggestions for tours in the area.


Flexible workspace in Hoofddorp 

Are you looking for a quiet place to work at home? A great solution is to rent a nice room at B&B Hoofddorp. The room has a great desk with a view of the garden. For only € 50 per day, you can work quietly here. For that price, you can use a fast WiFi connection or cable internet. In addition, you will receive free coffee, tea, and soft drinks, as well as free parking space. 


Bed and Breakfast Hoofddorp
J.C. Beetslaan 47
2131 AH Hoofddorp