Visit Haarlemmermeer is a platform of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Our goal is to show what Haarlemmermeer has to offer. This will allow you to experience the beauty of the region in a way that suits you. In order to be completely transparent, we would like to tell you more about how we use your data.

Copyright and reuse

Visit Haarlemmermeer is filled with the work of various writers and image makers. They work for the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. This means that the municipality has the rights that belong to those texts, photos and videos. It also means that we can edit this content. For example, to shorten a text or to make adjustments to keep the information up to date.

As a result, Visit Haarlemmermeer's texts, images, or music cannot just be copied. You always need permission from us for that. Even if you only reuse and distribute our content in your own network. However, sharing our content via social media and referring to it (with clear reference to the source) is of course always possible.

Would you like to use certain articles differently? Or are you interested in a collaboration? Please contact us. We are happy to explore the possibilities with you.

Finally, we use the CrowdRiff service to show photos from Instagram. Via CrowdRiff we ask the users of Instagram for permission to do this.

Accuracy and liability

Visit Haarlemmermeer is committed to publishing content that is current and correct. We maintain this standard through our writers or automated links with information systems. However, errors can sometimes occur. For instance, something has recently changed that we do not yet know about. That is why we always refer you to external sites with information, for example when it comes to events. These external sites are managed by organizers and owners who have the most reliable information about their activities, as well as their conditions.

Are you disappointed by the information we provide? For example, because an event is more expensive than we listed, or does it no longer take place? In that case, do get in touch and let us know. Our information can be kept up-to-date with your help. However, we do need to note that we are not liable for such consequences.


In case you have any other questions about privacy, rights, or anything else, you can easily contact us.