Martin Langeveld, founder of MeerLive Festival

Martin Langeveld is the founder of the MeerLive Festival music event. This fun event takes place every year in Hoofddorp. It is one of the largest free multi-day music festivals in the Netherlands. MeerLive puts the best Dutch artists on stage. It is a festival for and by the residents of Haarlemmermeer. Read more about Martin's passion for music and how he managed to realize this festival.
Martin Langeveld

Martin, what is your connection with Haarlemmermeer? 

I have lived in Haarlemmermeer for over 35 years. I started MeerLive Festival 22 years ago. The collaboration with the municipality and the city marketing department has always been very pleasant. They support the festival in all areas where they can, which is great. 

How did you get started with MeerLive? 

The idea was conceived 22 years ago, because at the time, Hoofddorp had only events aimed at older audiences. We thought there should also be a festival for a younger audience. MeerLive visitors now range in age from 14 to 80. 

From Bløf & Kane to Guus Meeuwis: more than 250 musicians have already performed at MeerLive.
Meerlive by night
Artiest op Meerlive

What is there to experience during the MeerLive Festival? 

MeerLive is an annual music festival in Hoofddorp. The festival has been open for free for 22 years now. Unfortunately, this will soon change. Due to the current regulations regarding safety, it will no longer be possible to grant a festival of this size free of charge. You cannot write a safety plan for a free festival because you have no control over visitor numbers.   

We are still busy with the new plans for this year's festival. Fortunately, the festival will continue this year! The festival is scheduled for the second weekend of September. We always organize MeerLive after the summer holidays and also after Mysteryland, so that these festivals do not take place at the same time. 

What kind of musicians perform at MeerLive Festival? 

From Bløf & Kane to Guus Meeuwis: more than 250 musicians have already performed at MeerLive. What is special is that Wolter Kroes always closes the event on Sunday. He has been doing that since the first year. He closes the festival every year.   

Our artists are mainly Dutch, but we have also had foreign acts. For example, musicians like The Trammps and Jocelyn Brown. We also have a party band, TOF! Party band from Groningen, which has been with us since the beginning. In the Netherlands, these kinds of things are unique. 

I am proud of the team I work with and that we have 99% brand awareness within Haarlemmermeer.

What makes your company even more unique in Haarlemmermeer? 

MeerLive Festival is a bit of a reunion in the summer of Haarlemmermeer. Regardless of age, everyone will meet again at MeerLive after the summer holidays. This applies not only to the general public, but also to the business community. MeerLive Festival has almost 300 sponsors from the Haarlemmermeer region. 

As an entrepreneur in Haarlemmermeer, what are you most proud of? 

I am proud of all the relationships that MeerLive has created, both on a business and private level. Everyone gathers here. I’m also proud of the team I work with, and that we have 99% brand awareness within Haarlemmermeer. And that almost every artist from the Netherlands has played at MeerLive!   

I’m proud that the MeerLive Festival has been free for over 20 years. It is the best event in Haarlemmermeer. It is my pleasure to invite everyone to the MeerLive Festival in Hoofddorp on the second weekend of September, and have a great time!