Nieuwe Meer: discover this green hamlet on the water

Just below Amsterdam lies Nieuwe Meer, between Badhoevedorp and Schiphol-East. This small hamlet overlooks the Amsterdamse Bos. There are many water sports activities to enjoy here. There are also several beaches to discover along the lake of the same name. Nieuwe Meer has about 170 inhabitants (2021), but despite its small size, there is plenty to see here!
Ferry Ome Piet at Nieuwe Meer.

Ferry in Nieuwe Meer 

In the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, every place of residence has its own iconic building by which you can recognize the place. Nieuwe Meer is officially so small that it is a hamlet instead of a real village. You can recognize this place by the ferry. 

Nieuwe Meer has two different ferries: De Helena and Ome Piet. The first is especially popular among cyclists and walkers from Amsterdam who can reach the Amsterdamse Bos in a quick and fun way. Ferry The Helena of shipping company Oeverloos sails between the northern banks of the Nieuwe Meer and the Meerkade in the Amsterdamse Bos.  

Ferry Ome Piet is named after the last ferry boss, called Ome Piet Eilander. Until the 60s, Uncle Piet maintained a cable ferry with which he brought draft horses and commuters back and forth between the Jaagpad along the Nieuwe Meer and the Nieuwemeerdijk. About ten years ago, two neighbors put this old ferry back into use. The ferry operates from mid-April to mid-October.  

Recreation in New Lake  

There is a lot to experience outside in this beautiful spot in Haarlemmermeer. In the Oeverlanden in Nieuwe Meer, for example, you can enjoy a lovely walk through nature. You will find various hiking and cycling trails in this protected nature reserve. There are also beaches and sunbathing areas with a view of the water of the Nieuwe Meer. There is even a playground for the kids – in short, you can easily enjoy yourself here on a beautiful summer day! 

When it freezes in winter, the Nieuwe Meer is the ultimate place for ice fun. Once the water has frozen over, you can skate beautifully on the Nieuwe Meer.  

Swimming in New Lake  

There is also plenty to do in and along the water. Take a dip in the water of the Nieuwe Meer, you can swim very well here. Do you have a boat? Then take a wonderful trip on the water to Amsterdam. You can sail into Amsterdam from Nieuwe Meer via the Nieuwe Meerschutsluis. Please note that this lock in Nieuwe Meer is sometimes closed.  

Would you rather rent a boat in Nieuwe Meer? Then you can go to various places, such as Nexus Boat Rentals on the Tjotterspad. You can also rent a boat at Zeilschool Het Nieuwe Meer to go out on the water for a day. 

As you can see, this small green hamlet in Haarlemmermeer has a lot to offer! Come by to explore the beautiful nature and enjoy in or on the water in Nieuwe Meer.