Boesingheliede: a small village popular among plane spotters

Boesingheliede is a small town in the north of Haarlemmermeer. Curious to know exactly how small this village is? Boesingheliede only has 135 inhabitants (2021). The village is named after a village near Nieuwerkerk, both of which were swallowed up by the water of the old Haarlemmermeer in earlier centuries. On the north side of the village, you will find Zwanenburg, in the east Lijnden. Due to its proximity to Schiphol Airport's Polderbaan, the village is a popular plane spotting destination.
Bed & Breakfast Noxem bij Boesingheliede.

Pompstation building in the style of the Amsterdam School 

In Haarlemmermeer, each town is characterized by an iconic building. Boesingheliede is so small that it is officially considered a hamlet rather than a village. You can recognize Boesingheliede by the Pompstation. This characteristic water supply building on Schipholweg is on the list of municipal monuments. 

The building was designed in the Amsterdam School style and is now usedby the Municipal Water Company of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam School is characterized by the use of brick and elaborate facades. The Pompstation building is one of the few structures built in the style of the Amsterdam School in Haarlemmermeer. 

Plane Spotting in Boesingheliede 

Despite the fact that Boesingheliede is just a small hamlet, there’s still plenty to do here. Boesingheliede is especially popular among airplane enthusiasts! In Boesingheliede, planes are easily spotted because of its proximity to Schiphol Airport's Polderbaan. You can regularly see all kinds of planes flying over here. 

There are several special locations for plane spotters in Haarlemmermeer. You can see exactly where they are on the website of the plane spotters. Come and spend a day plane spotting in Boesingheliede – and who knows, you might find a new hobby!