De Hoek: a hamlet near Hoofddorp with a popular business park

De Hoek is a small hamlet south of Hoofddorp. In 2017, there were only 15 residents in this small hamlet located in Haarlemmermeer. This makes De Hoek a very small place, but certainly no less important! The area of De Hoek today mainly consists of industrial buildings. Thanks to its location near Schiphol Airport, De Hoek is an essential location in the area and an important traffic point.
Zonnepark De Groene Hoek met zonsopgang bij De Hoek.

Sustainable building for FIFPro 

In Haarlemmermeer, each town is characterized by an iconic building. De Hoek is officially so small that this place is called a hamlet instead of a village. You can recognize De Hoek by its modern sustainable building. This beautiful building was custom designed for FIFPro, an international umbrella organization for professional football players. Visitors are reminded of FIFPro's commitment to social justice through special wall engravings in this unique building. 

Located near Schiphol Airport 

In recent years, De Hoek has become an attractive location because of its proximity to Schiphol Airport and Hoofddorp. The A5 and A4 were connected in 2003 at the "De Hoek" interchange, connecting The Hague and Amsterdam. De Hoek is a popular traffic hub thanks to the bustling business community. In the coming years, Airport Business Park De Hoek will continue to grow and expand. 

Butterfly Garden De Hoek 

Business Park De Hoek has a special ecological addition: a real butterfly garden! In 2016, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer created a beautiful garden for butterflies and bees, together with the butterfly protection foundation Vlinderstichting at De Hoeksteen. The different shrubs, herbs and flowers attract all kinds of butterflies. As a result, the surroundings of the business park look much greener and more attractive. 

The most commonly encountered butterfly species is the beautiful common blue. In addition, four other species were seen: the cabbage white, the red admiral, the peacock, and the thistle butterfly. Butterfly Garden De Hoek is a great place to spot butterflies, especially in the summer when the weather is good. Come and visit this bustling business park and discover all the butterfly species!