Oude Meer: a village in Haarlemmermeer with a water-rich past

Just below Schiphol-East you will find Oude Meer, a hamlet with around 170 inhabitants (2021). This small village is named after the original Oude Meer lake that has been merged into the former Haarlemmermeer. Discover this beautiful town, conveniently situated between Schiphol and Aalsmeer.
Café restaurant Wink in Oude Meer aan de Schipholdijk.

The water-rich history of Oude Meer 

In Haarlemmermeer, each town is characterized by an iconic building. Oude Meer is officially so small that it is considered a hamlet rather than a village. You can recognize Oude Meer by a duck, which symbolizes its relationship with the water. 

The Oude Meer lake used to be an extension of the Nieuwe Meer lake. By 1956, sand extraction enlarged the north side of the Nieuwe Meer. A large part of the Riekerpolder was excavated to Riekerplas, which became part of the Nieuwe Meer. The entire Oude Meer disappeared. 

Things to do in Oude Meer 

From Oude Meer, you can cruise across the Ringvaart, Nieuwe Meer, Westeinderplassen, and Kagerplassen by boat. In the summer and spring, the area around the Ringvaart is ideal for enjoying the outdoors. Pack a picnic basket and spend the day by the water or on the shore – you’ll have a wonderful time! 

Dutch Dakota Association at Oude Meer 

Located near Schiphol Airport, Oude Meer is a popular destination for airplane enthusiasts. You will find the Dutch Dakota Association at Schiphol-East. This organization takes you on an impressive journey above the Netherlands. You can even take a flight in a historic DC-3 Dakota plane here. A once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

Make sure you check out Oude Meer. Whether you come for the peace and quiet and the view over the water or for an exciting flight in an antique airplane, Oude Meer has a lot to offer!