Vijfhuizen: the bustling village that hosts Expo Haarlemmermeer

Vijfhuizen is the only village that existed before the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer, situated between Hoofddorp and Haarlem. Vijfhuizen has about 4,840 inhabitants (2021) and has a very active village association that organizes the cozy festival week Feestweek Vijfhuizen every September. Besides Expo Haarlemmermeer, you may be familiar with Vijfhuizen because of the Fort near Vijfhuizen. Learn more about this charming village and get inspired to visit it.
Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen

Iconic drawbridge 

In Haarlemmermeer, each town is characterized by an iconic building. You can recognize Vijfhuizen by the drawbridge. The Vijfhuizerbrug is a drawbridge over the Ringvaart canal and was built in 1931. A municipal monument, the bridge connects Haarlemmermeer with the Schalkwijk district in Haarlem. 

In the past, before the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeerpolder, the area on both sides of the bridge belonged to the former municipality of Zuid Schalkwijk. In Haarlem, you find a small road named after Vijfhuizen on one side of the bridge, and the village of Vijfhuizen on the other side. You will also find the famous Vijfhuizer Mill here. 

Things to do in Vijfhuizen 

An important place in Vijfhuizen is the event location Expo Haarlemmermeer. This unique glass accommodation is the perfect location for various trade fairs and events, such as Bright Day, Citromobile, the Libelle Zomerweek and various flea markets. 

Another popular destination is the Fort near Vijfhuizen, part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. Also known as Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, this historic fortress has been converted into a unique space where visual arts and military heritage meet. You can visit various art exhibitions here. At Restaurant 't Fort you can also enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in a special environment. 

Recreation in Vijfhuizen 

In Vijfhuizen, nature lovers will find plenty to discover. You can enjoy a lovely walk through the Groene Weelde, a nature reserve that is part of the recreational area Spaarnwoude Park. You’ll find various cycling trails that lead you through the beautiful surroundings. Within a short time, you can cycle to Amsterdam or towards the Kennemerduinen from Vijfhuizen. 

Sports enthusiasts will also find plenty to do here. For example, you can play golf at the golf course in Vijfhuizen. On the website of the Haarlemmermeerse Golfclub you can find more information about all the courses that are available. For football and handball, go to sports association Door Sport Ontspanning Vijfhuizen. This association gives you the opportunity to play as a team, both on the field and indoors. 

Memorial Park Herdenkingsbos Vijfhuizen 

Vijfhuizen has a special memorial forest named Herdenkingsbos Vijfhuizen. A quiet walking and resting place, the forest is a place where the ashes of deceased loved ones can be scattered. You can also have a tree planted here to commemorate someone who passed away. As a result, the memorial forest provides a place of remembrance and comfort, in which nature continues to flourish. 

Restaurants in Vijfhuizen 

For a delicious meal you can dine extensively in Vijfhuizen at restaurant Het Graanpakhuis. Weekend lunches are also available here. A little further, located on the water of the Ringvaart canal, you will find restaurant De Nieuwe Meervaart. On a nice day, you can also enjoy the view from the water. 

Would you like to stay a little longer and explore the area? Then you can spend the night at the Vijfhuizen campsite called Camper Park. Dagcamping Haarlemmermeer is a larger campsite in Spaarnwoude Park where you can pitch your tent. 

As you can tell, Vijfhuizen is a charming village full of beautiful nature and special sights. Feel free to visit!