Buitenschot walk

6,6 km
Oude Raadhuis aan de Hoofdweg Oostzijde 675 in Hoofddorp
How about a walk through Buitenschot and Hoofddorp center? This beautiful hiking route takes you through the special Buitenschot land art park and through the center of Hoofddorp.
Molen de Eersteling met groene tractor met kar op voorgrond

A special purpose of Buitenschot is to reduce noise nuisance from airplanes taking off from Schiphol Airport. In addition, it is a unique area to walk through. Discover the specially designed landscape during this fun tour!

Starting point

The hiking route starts at the Oude Raadhuis at Hoofdweg Oostzijde 675 in Hoofddorp.

1 Molen de Eersteling

Behind the Oude Raadshuis you can see Molen de Eersteling. This beautiful old mill is a historical monument in Hoofddorp – and it is still in operation! You can even buy freshly ground flour here, directly from the miller. The mill has a unique history. In 1977 it was relocated from the center of Hoofddorp to the current location at the Fort of Hoofddorp on the Hoofdvaart. It was a remarkable move, for a monument of no less than 100,000 kilos! 

Molen de Eersteling met groene tractor met kar op voorgrond

2 Fort near Hoofddorp

Near the Molen de Eersteling you will find the Fort of Hoofddorp. There is much to experience at this unique historic site from 1904. For example, you can attend theater performances and concerts in the open-air theater and view exhibitions in this beautiful monumental building. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner here, at restaurant Fort NOXX.

Voorkant buitenkant Fort bij Hoofddorp

End of the route

The hiking route continues via the Geniedijk to the IJweg and leads you partly through Buitenschot, after which you walk back into Hoofddorp. The route ends where you started, at the Oude Raadhuis. Can you imagine yourself walking this inspiring route? Then quickly view the entire route via the link below! 

More information

Starting point route
Oude Raadhuis
Hoofdweg Oostzijde 675
2131 BC Hoofddorp