Heritage route

42,0 km
The Heritage Route runs through the north of Haarlemmermeer. De Nederlandse Toerist developed this route for visit Haarlemmermeer. She was amazed at the amount of nature and history she encountered along the way! During this route you will cycle past a number of beautiful sights, such as the Stompe Toren and the Cruquius pumping station. Cycle this route and discover the municipality through the eyes of Mirre Oost!
Consort Cruquius

During this route, discover the heritage of Haarlemmermeer as you walk along the water, through the Haarlemmermeer forest and over UNESCO World Heritage cycles. Along the way you will encounter plenty of animals between all that greenery. From sheep and cows to swans and spoonbills. You might even see owl Sara in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos! With this route you cycle over the Defense Line of Amsterdam, where you will find Fort aan de Liebrug and Fort Penningsveer can admire. You will also come face to face with the history of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer if you Consort Cruquius en Steam pumping station Halfweg passes. Discover the story behind the Stubby Tower in Spaarndam and oversee all of Haarlemmermeer from 22 meters high on the Big Spotters Hill.

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