Discover the best museums in Haarlemmermeer

In the booming area of Haarlemmermeer, you'll find lots of culture, history, and arts. Discover the historic forts of the Defense Line of Amsterdam – a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site! The monumental forts like Fort van Hoofddorp and Kunstfort Vijfhuizen regularly host exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and theater performances. Learn more about the history of the war in CRASH Air War & Resistance Museum '40-'45. You can also visit the Cruquius Museum, housed inside an old steam pumping station, which is dedicated to Haarlemmermeer’s battle against the water. Which place will you be checking out first?

The past and present

There is a special history behind the polder landscape of Haarlemmermeer. Water has turned..
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Cruquius Museum: Iconic hotspot of Haarlemmermeer
Gemaal de Cruquius vanaf ze zijkant gezien