Fort of Hoofddorp: Hidden treasure in Haarlemmermeer

Fort of Hoofddorp is a true experience! Visit the freely accessible fortress island where culture and nature meet. Several cultural events take place in this monument and on the island, including exhibitions and performances. Architect Serge Schoenmaker and theatermaker Femme Hammer are the driving forces behind the renovation of Fort of Hoofddorp.
Buitenkant Fort Hoofddorp met terras

Since 2020, the fortress has reopened after a major renovation. The many authentic details have been preserved, but substantial investments have also been made in sustainability. Cultural activities take place on the island, such as performances in the open-air theater and exhibitions in the former rooms and casemate. Restaurant Fort NOXX has taken up residence on the top floor and there are two different meeting rooms. 

Defense Line of Amsterdam: waterline in Hoofddorp 

Like the Fort near Vijfhuizen and Fort near Aalsmeer, Fort of Hoofddorp is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. Due to the lower location of Hoofddorp in the Haarlemmermeerpolder, this fort has a different layout than usual – it is one of two forts with one top floor, it has a lifting turret and only one casemate. 

The fort had room for 200 soldiers. These were never present here, because the defense plan was never deployed. The emergence of airplanes and the air war made the waterline superfluous. The fortress is now on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Read more about this about the Defence Line of Amsterdam in Haarlemmermeer. Tip: cycle all the way down the Geniedijk, which connects the three forts in Haarlemmermeer. 

Windmill at Fort of Hoofddorp 

When you approach the fortress you will probably see the windmill Molen de Eerstelling already from a distance. The blades protrude above the concrete walls of the fort. What is special about this flour mill is that it did not originally stand on this site. The 100,000-kilo mill is the first mill that has been completely moved to the place where it now stands. Flour is still milled here according to traditional methods. You can buy the flower at the shop in the mill. The miller is happy to tell you about his beautiful profession. 

Guided tour at Fort of Hoofddorp 

You can enter the fortress island every day. On the first Saturday of the month and on special days such as Open Monuments Day you can join a guided tour. Does that not work for you? Then listen to the podcast in which architect Serge Schoenmaker tells you everything about the major renovation. You can also always make a separate reservation for a group tour. 

Culture and nature on the fortress island 

The showpiece of the fortress island is the Wild Garden. This is located on the roof of the fort and can be easily seen from the heart of the fort. In the garden 800 plants of 50 different species have been planted by a group of volunteers. The garden will bloom next spring. This creates a true hotspot for insects and butterflies. A hidden treasure where you can sit out of the wind in the sun at one of the picnic tables! Bats also live on the fortress island. For concerts in the open-air theater Fort van Hoofddorp works together with Poppodium Duycker. Keep an eye on the agenda for an up-to-date overview. 

Restaurant at Fort of Hoofddorp 

Would you like to have a bite to eat in a special environment? From Wednesday to Sunday, Restaurant Fort NOXX serves lunch, drinks, and dinner in an industrial-themed setting. The menu features well-known classics such as carpaccio and steak. There is also plenty of choice for vegetarians. Do you want to enjoy the water? A few tables have been placed downstairs on a terrace on the canal. Ducks, swans and geese sneak past you while you enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a beer. 

There are two special rooms for a business meeting or presentation. Would you like to combine it with an active teambuilding session? That's possible too! Are you coming to Fort van Hoofddorp by car? Then it is best to park in the center of Hoofdorp. Burgemeester van Stamplein offers a parking garage from which you can walk a few minutes to the Fort. 


Fort van Hoofddorp
Hoofdweg 739
2131 BD Hoofddorp