The most beautiful outdoor art in Haarlemmermeer

Are you an art lover? Then you'll be glad to know you can find a lot of outdoor art in Haarlemmermeer! We’ve listed the most special works of art here for you. Discover these artworks during a beautiful cycling or hiking tour through the polder landscape and learn more about Haarlemmermeer's art and culture!
Kunstwerk De Wandelende mens in Hoofddorp
Kunstwerk Arabeske in Nieuw-Vennep

Arabeske, Nieuw-Vennep 

Located on Smedenweg in Nieuw-Vennep you will find a charming artwork named Arabeske. This sculpture was created by Dutch artist Nic Jonk and is intended as a tribute to the grace of the female body. The bronze sculpture shows a dancer who assumes an 'arabesque' position – a special ballet position. The dancer's body is stretched back and she holds her right leg with both hands, beautifully balanced.

Kunstwerk Man met de Spade

Man met spade, Abbenes 

The statue Man met spade (Man with spade) can be found on Hoofdweg in Abbenes. This statue from 1968 was made by Dutch sculptor Johan Polet and has had an eventful history. The artwork shows a kneeling farm worker and symbolizes the hard-working people who built the polder. 

It originally stood in a playground in Bennebroek, whose owner went bankrupt in 1968. It was not until 1992 that the statue was placed in Abbenes, where it was severely damaged in 2007 and again in 2008. After a major restoration, the statue was placed back at the Hoofdweg on June 25, 2009 where you can admire it now.

Kunstwerk de Familie op kade in Rijsenhout

Familie, Rijsenhout 

At the Werf in Rijsenhout you will find the statue Familie (Family) on stepped brick pedestal. This striking work of art was created by Sibylle Krosch and consists of three bronze human figures. A father, mother and son. With this sculpture, the artist wanted to portray the closeness of the Haarlemmermeer population. It almost looks like a real scene from a distance because the figures are quite realistic.

Kunstwerk de Drie Zwanen in Zwanenburg

Zwanen, Zwanenburg 

Located on Dennenlaan in Zwanenburg you will find a very appropriate work of art for this village. The swan is a symbol of Zwanenburg. This bronze statue of two swans was made by Dutch artist Theresia van der Pant, commissioned by the town of Zwanenburg. 

The sculpture shows a female swan incubating her eggs, while the male swan stands up to ward off intruders and protect her. Van der Pant has portrayed the swans with impressive vibrancy and lifelike detail.

Kunstwerk Twee Acrobaten in Badhoevedorp

Twee acrobaten, Badhoevedorp 

A striking work of art can be found on the Burgemeester van Amersfoordtlaan in Badhoevedorp. Twee acrobaten (Two acrobats) was created by artist Pearl Perlmuter. Here you see two bronze men performing a body roll. The two acrobats have an athletic figure and sturdy legs. 

Sculptress Pearl Pearlmuter has deliberately not worked out the men in detail – they have no face, for example, or hands and feet. The whole sculpture focuses on the dynamism of the two acrobats.

Kunstwerk De Wandelende mens in Hoofddorp

De wandelende mens, Hoofddorp 

A striking red work of art has been standing in Hoofddorp since 2004. The statue named De wandelende mens (Walking man) by artist Thomas Houseago can be found in Beukenhorst-Zuid and looks a bit like a sumo wrestler. Houseago herself sticks to a giant baby. The statue is no less than nine meters high and fourteen meters wide! 

You'll smile before returning to your desk when you see this baby among all the office buildings. Houseago had to work together with a metalworking company and an engineering firm for this sculpture, to ensure the sturdiness of the construction. They succeeded: the statue is rock solid!

Kunstwerk Statica vijhuizen

Statica, Vijfhuizen 

Situated in the Vinex district of Stellinghof in Vijfhuizen, Statica is a tower-like construction with a height of 13 meters. This artwork was created by Dutch sculptor Rudi van de Wint. The tall, sky-reaching Statica tower is one of five sculptures that make up the Statica group throughout the Stellinghof district. Discover all five statues during a walk through Stellinghof and be inspired by the special shapes!

Kunstwerk de Stekeltrekker in Vijfhuizen

De stekeltrekker, Vijfhuizen 

Along the Ringdijk, Weteringbrug and Leimuiderdijk in Vijfhuizen you will find a statue named De stekeltrekker (The thorn puller). The artwork was created by Karel Gomes, one of the most famous artists of Haarlemmermeer. On a concrete pedestal you see a man in clogs with a cap on, slightly bent over and attentively working with a scissor-shaped tool. This is the thorn puller, with which he weeds. 

The statue is a monument to Jan Mastenbroek, a journalist who in the 1950s published columns entitled 'Stekels' for the Hoofddorpse Courant under the pseudonym 'stekeltrekker'. In these columns, the journalist stood up for the residents of Vijfhuizen, who at the time often found themselves in poor circumstances. Gomes has symbolically portrayed Jan Mastenbroek with his sculpture and honored his important commitment to Haarlemmermeer.