Protected townscape: 3 monuments in Hoofddorp

In the area surrounding Haarlemmermeer, there are a number of picturesque villages with unique architecture. To protect these buildings, some of these locations are designated as monuments. A protected village scene is therefore an area with a special cultural-historical character. Thanks to this protection, these places retain their cultural-historical identity and special monuments are not simply demolished. Read on and discover the 3 most beautiful monuments in Hoofddorp!
Fontijn en Polderhuis op de achtergrond.
polderhuis in Hoofddorp


Hoofddorp's Polderhuis can be found in the central square Marktplein. This beautiful stately building was built in 1913. It was designed by the Dutch architect Foeke Kuipers in a classical architectural style, inspired by 17th-century Dutch classicism. 

The Polderhuis was an important place in Hoofddorp. Water management and flood defense issues were discussed here by the Haarlemmermeerpolder board. Previously, they would meet in Haarlem, because of its central location and good accessibility. But when Haarlemmermeer became easily accessible in 1912 due to the construction of railway lines, it was time for a meeting place in the heart of the polder. 

The Polderhuis became Rijnland's property in 2005. The property is currently rented by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer for social purposes as a protected monument. 

Address: Marktplein 47 2132 DA, Hoofddorp

Theater Het Oude Raadhuis in de voorjaarszon.

Oude Raadhuis

Close to the Polderhuis you will find another protected heritage site: the Oude Raadhuis. This building is situated on the Hoofdweg in Hoofddorp. It stands diagonally opposite the Polderhuis and right next to Haarlemmermeer's former cantonal court. 

The Oude Raadhuis (Dutch for town hall) was built in 1867 in neoclassical style. Particularly striking are the white ornaments and the facade with a richly decorated balcony, which includes the coat of arms of Haarlemmermeer. Over the years, the building has undergone many changes. In order to accommodate the growing number of civil servants, a number of additional buildings were constructed. 

This building has not been used as an official town hall since 1980. But because of its function, this special building has always played an important role in the administration and daily life of Haarlemmermeer. It is characteristic of the center of Hoofddorp in terms of appearance. Currently, the Oude Raadhuis houses a theater and cinema. 

Address: Hoofdweg 671, 2131 BC Hoofddorp

Polderhuis waar nu De Polderboom in zit.


Another unique monument can be found on the other side of the Marktplein. Marketcafé Marktzicht is conveniently located right next to Polderhuis. The monument has served as a catering facility in Hoofddorp for more than 150 years! Around 1856, it was built as one of the first buildings after the reclamation of the polder. 

A striking gable roof adorns this unique building. After a major restoration, the facade has been fitted with new windows with more bars than the original building had. On the side wall, you can see the iconic six- and nine-horse windows. 

A market cafe used to be located in this historic building. Marketzicht therefore plays a major role in the historical experience of the polder and is a protected monument. The function of the building is still the same: today you will find a cozy cafe here, named Proeflokaal de Polderboom. Enjoy a snack and a drink while admiring Haarlemmermeer's unique heritage! 

Address: Marktplein 31, 2132 DA Hoofddorp