The Toolenburgerplas: ultimate swimming fun in Hoofddorp

In the Toolenburg district of Hoofddorp there is a beautiful lake: the Toolenburgerplas. At this lake you will find an oasis of peace for sun worshipers and swimming enthusiasts. The entire recreation area is over 85 hectares. The Toolenburgerplas also has restaurants where you can sit on the waterside terrace, such as restaurant Lieveling and restaurant Long Island.
Toolenburger puddle

The nature of recreational lake Toolenburg 

The design of the recreational lake is inspired by the surrounding polder. Here you can easily see how rectangular shapes alternate with winding banks, winding paths and ragged edges with boulders and reeds. The nature of the Toolenburgerplas in Hoofddorp can simply take its course. The shallow, marshy areas provide an ideal bottom for fish to thrive in.  

Swimming fun in recreational lake Toolenburg 

The lake of the Toolenburgerplas is surrounded by beautiful beaches and sunbathing areas. Do you like swimming? Then you've come to the right place. You can practice all kinds of water sports at a number of places along the shore. You can dive in the Toolenburgerplas, but also swim and surf to your heart's content. Check before your visit the bathing water website to see if there are any current alerts. 

The Toolenburgerplas run 

The Toolenburgerplas is also an ideal place for athletes. There is a special TimePoint system around the Toolenburgerplas. This allows runners, skaters, Nordic walkers and other athletes to measure lap times via a chip. A Toolenburgerplas run is also regularly organized, with a special children's run and a run for adults of 3,3, 6,6 or 10 kilometres. 

In addition to sports, the Toolenburgerplas recreation area is also a great place to walk and play. For the kids you will find a football field, basketball court, play and viewing hill, a model boat pond with fishing piers and a sledding ramp. The walking path around the lake is 3,2 km long, perfect for stretching your legs. 

Restaurants at the Toolenburgerplas 

The Toolenburgerplas has two cozy restaurants where you can relax after swimming, walking or running. On the north side, right next to the Toolenburgerplas playground, you will find restaurant Lieveling. The daring architecture has given the building the shape of a butterfly. You will be surprised again and again in this versatile and colorful restaurant.  

On the other side of the pond, right next to the dive site, you will find restaurant Long Island. On the inside, the restaurant is decorated in atmospheric Rivièra Maison style. Here you can enjoy a varied meal right on the water, with a beautiful view over the Toolenburgerplas. In good weather you can even dive into the water from the terrace! 

The Toolenburgerplas is the ideal place for swimming enthusiasts. But you can also have a great day here as a sun worshipper, hiker or cyclist. Finally, a delicious meal in one of the restaurants on the Toolenburgerplas. So feel free to drop by the Toolenburgerplas, for a fantastic day in nature!