Klimpark21 in Nieuw-Vennep: experience a sporty adventure

Do you like adventure and a bit of excitement? Then Klimpark21 is really something for you! With 40 different obstacles at a height of 1 to 10 meters, the adrenaline rushes through your body. Are you going to look up the height?
Climbing park Park21 with many visitors

Activities in Klimpark21

At Klimpark21 there are many activities for young and old. Have you climbed before or never? It doesn't matter at Klimpark21. There are climbing routes at different levels. If you don't like the heights, you can also jump on an electric skateboard. Or grab a bow and arrow.

Electric skateboard trail

Klimpark21 is the first park in the Netherlands with an electric skateboard course of up to 500 meters. On the course you will find fun obstacles with hills and curves. You can enter the job from the age of 8. What also makes the electric skateboard special is that it is charged by the solar panels on the climbing park. With a charged skateboard you can go cross country again with your friends!

Klimpark21 in the distance with many children climbing
Boy in action in the Klimpark21

Play Archery Tag

Are you ready to take the field and beat your opponents? With a bow and arrow you enter the playing field to play Aarchery Tag. The game is explained by a facilitator. You must not only hit your opponent with your arrows, but also targets. Teamwork, communication and your reflexes will be put to the test during Archery Tag.


Climbing park Haarlemmermeer with groups

Would you like to enjoy the view with a larger group? Then come along with a group to go up in height. This is also possible with a children's party or with your school. Klimpark21 also organizes fun day camps during the school holidays. You will not sleep at the park, but you will be busy all day with various activities at Klimpark21.

Would you like to go climbing for a day? The climbing park will be open again from April 2, 2022. Book now on the website of Klimpark21!


Climbing Park21
Clay path 5
2152 NA Nieuw Vennep
The Netherlands