Park Zwanenburg: explore this brand new recreation area

On the southeast side of Zwanenburg you will find Park Zwanenburg, a brand new recreation area of ​​35 hectares. Here the residents of Zwanenburg can enjoy the peace and nature. In addition, Park Zwanenburg forms a green hub for visitors from the region who will in the future even be able to cycle all the way from Amsterdam to the beach via this route.
Park Zwanenburg

Connected to Spaarnwoude Park 

Park Zwanenburg is part of the Green Axis. This is an ecological connecting zone that connects large and small nature areas between Amstelland and the Spaarnwoude Park recreation area. The new Park Zwanenburg is still under development. There will even be a swamp area that will be connected to the other parts of Park Zwanenburg with a fauna tunnel. 

What to do in Park Zwanenburg 

There is plenty to do in Park Zwanenburg. In the middle of the park you will find a large playground for the small children. There is also a large basketball court where older kids can burn off some energy. There are also various walking routes and you can also enjoy cycling through Zwanenburg from Park Zwanenburg.  

In short, there is plenty to see and experience in Park Zwanenburg! Although the area is still under development, you can already enjoy the beautiful nature in this new green recreation area of ​​Zwanenburg.