Ringvaart: the special canal of Haarlemmermeer

A ring canal of at least 60 kilometers runs around the Haarlemmermeerpolder. A ring canal is a canal dug by man that runs around a polder. The excess water that is pumped out of the polder can be drained away. In 1845, for example, the Ringvaart was created in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Nowadays the Ringvaart is a busy area. Both for boats that sail a round of the Ringvaart Haarlemmermeer and for day-trippers who come for a lovely walk or cycle through the beautiful landscape along the water.
Ring canal with bridge and boats

Sailing on the Ringvaart 

The Ringvaart is a popular destination for sailors. The Ringvaart Haarlemmermeer round trip is a nice tourist route that takes you past special places. Think of Lisse, Lijnden, Aalsmeer and Kaagdorp. During a boat trip you can enjoy the view and the diversity of villages that lie along the Ringvaart. You can join various boat trips, or rent a boat yourself to explore the area at your leisure. 

Cycling and walking along the Ringvaart 

The Ringvaart is also a pleasant environment for cyclists and walkers. There is a cycle route along the Ringvaart Haarlemmermeer that also takes you past Schiphol-East. Where you cycle between the hangars of various major airlines. 

The Ringvaart round trip is therefore also very suitable for plane spotters! In addition, there are several hiking trails along the water. Thanks to the length of the Ringvaart in Haarlemmermeer – over 60 kilometers – you can take wonderful long walks through nature. There is always something new to explore. 

Recreation on the water in Haarlemmermeer 

You will find several marinas, cafes and restaurants along the Ringvaart. With good weather, the Ringvaart is a busy destination. Not only the residents who live along the Ringdijk and Ringvaart like to come here. But people from all over the area also enjoy the unique nature and the cozy villages along the water. 

Fun fact: the Ringdijk and the Ringvaart have been municipal heritage of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer since 2017. Whether you come to the Ringvaart Haarlemmermeer to cycle, walk or sail ... You will have a great time in this special landscape!