Five places where you can rollerblade in Haarlemmermeer

Haarlemmermeer not only offers cyclists and walkers beautiful places to recreate, roller skaters can also endlessly enjoy the beautiful nature at various places in the municipality. For the ideal experience it is important that you skate in a beautiful environment and on nice asphalt. In this list you will therefore find five places that fully meet those requirements. Get your rollerblades from the attic and explore Haarlemmermeer on rollerblades!
Skating instructor in Groene Weelde
Park Zwanenburg

Park Zwanenburg

Park Zwanenburg is over 35 hectares in size and is the ideal place for active people. In addition to all the gravel paths for walkers, the park also has paved paths, perfect for rollerbladers! The area is very green and there is therefore plenty to see. 

Haarlemmermeer forest

Haarlemmermeer forest

The Haarlemmermeer forest is a very nice place to skate. The paths are of good quality and you can sit down in various places to rest. It is also a very central point. That's how you skate through to the Green Wealth Or the Defense of Amsterdam

Skating instructor in Venneperhout


You can also skate a nice round in the beautiful Venneperhout nature reserve. The paved paths, green surroundings and resting places make it a location that you must have visited as a roller skater! Afterwards you can go to the Venneper Lodge drink a cooling drink. 

Paved path in Park Houtrak

Wood rack

Wood rack is part of Spaarnwoude Park. The natural environment and the size of the area ensure that you will not soon get tired of this recreational area! Skate a different route through the park every time and enjoy all the beauty that can be seen here. 

Skating instructor in Toolenburgerplas

Toolenburgerplas Hoofddorp

A round Toolenburger puddle is not only fun for walking, but also for rollerblading. You will come across a restaurant on the way Darling en Long Island against, perfect for taking a rest, having a drink or eating an ice cream.