Nathalie Kamp, marketer of theater festival Grazende Zwaan

Theater festival Grazende Zwaan has been visited by thousands of people for years. Marketeer Nathalie Kamp talks about this 8th edition with great enthusiasm, partly thanks to the close and pleasant collaboration with Haarlemmermeer entrepreneurs. Every year the programming and impact gets bigger, so a real success formula! During the summer festival weekend in the polder you and the whole family can enjoy adventure, theatre, music, entertainment and more. Want to know why, according to Nathalie, this is the place to end your summer? Then read on quickly.
Nathalie stands in front of blocks with Calatrava Bridge in the background

How is Festival Grazing Swan established?

Research among residents of Haarlemmermeer revealed a need for young families. That's why the municipality of Haarlemmermeer has Karavaan, the organization behind the festival approached years ago. For coming up with a beautiful, cultural festival. Our answer was this theater festival in a central location with a lot to do and experience. But with real social impact. By this we mean that local initiatives play a major role, but also that it is accessible, sustainable and inclusive. And the location is always extremely important, with Karavaan it is not without reason that we stand for 'Extraordinary theater on location'. 

How cool is it that you can experience a circus act between the pear trees?!
Natalie Camp

Can you tell us more about the location, Landgoed Kleine Vennep? 

Kleine Vennep estate is a very beautiful place. This monumental location started as a farm and is now an estate. Because the location offers extra possibilities every year, we can add fun, new things to the programming of Grazende Zwaan every year. So cool that we can take our visitors with us in this change! And the collaboration is going very well, you notice that this proud Haarlemmermeer family business puts a lot of love into it. How cool is it that you can experience a circus act between the pear trees?!

Because what is there to do during the festival weekend?

Grazing Zwaan is a real family festival. But there is also special, very cool programming for adults in the evenings. I am proud that such a mixed audience comes to it. Children can build huts, do theatrical treasure hunts, follow performances based on picture books by Fiep Westendorp, among others, and so on. There is a different program on both festival days, so visitors are with one special ticket also welcome for the whole weekend. 

Children sit on wooden huts
Show between the orchard
Circus show
Balancing act with Park 21 in the background
Funny act

You indicated that local initiatives play a major role, how about that exactly? 

Local partners partly give substance to it program and catering, we really look for connections there. For example, C. gives various workshops and shows. And Haarlemmermeer Museum De Cruquius exhibits some of their historic machines for you to discover. This allows you to experience things with us for which you would normally go to multiple locations. You won't get bored easily here. I would say, come and visit theater festival Grazende Zwaan for this polder municipality ultimate to discover. And to end the summer in style with your friends or family!