Bakery MAMA: traditional bread from Zwanenburg

Flour, water and salt. That is the basis for the delicious fresh bread from Bakery MAMA. No additives, just back to the pure basics. Crispy, delicious artisan bread. In this bakery in Zwanenburg you can see the bakers at work. Enter the store, the smell of fresh bread greets you. Or indulge in the delicious pastries. Have a cup of coffee and watch from the store. In summer there is a small terrace.
Interior bakery Mama Zwanenburg

Artisanal breads from Bakery Zwanenburg 

The bakers at Bakkerij MAMA are up early every day to ensure that fresh bread and delicious sourdough bread are ready for you. All the flour is ground by Dutch mills and the bread is baked in a steam oven. The fresh bread is on the shelves from 8.00 a.m. and the shop closes at 14.00 p.m. So do you definitely want something delicious? Set your alarm! You've also come to the right place for delicious patisserie. At the weekend there is just a little more choice. Not only at the location in Zwanenburg, but also at two locations in Amsterdam and at many restaurants in the area. 

Interior bakery Mama Zwanenburg
counter with goodies from bakery Zwanenburg
Counter with cake from bakery Mama Zwanenburg

MAMA Zwanenburg is social 

Bakery MAMA is more than just a bakery. As the name suggests, you can expect some mother love here. The bakery in Zwanenburg is a place where healthy food, culture and social gathering come together. That is why MAMA regularly organizes fun events in the backyard. Keep an eye on the social media for that! Every week you can also pick up an evening meal. Bring your own pan so you can eat 'what the pot'. 

Order bread online 

Do you want to be sure that your favorite bread is in stock? Then easily order your bread online! You can order various products via the webshop and the order will be ready for you in the store two days later. 

Are you already hungry for a fresh sandwich, currant bun or cake from Bakery MAMA? 


bakery MAMA
31 Domineeslaan
1161 BV Zwanenburg
The Netherlands