De Fruitloods: café and shop on Landgoed de Olmenhorst

De Fruitloods is now the café and shop on Landgoed de Olmenhorst. De Fruitloods used to serve as a fruit sorting centre. It still feels authentic, the old function of the Fruit Warehouse is still clearly visible. The preserved wall coverings of the adjacent cold stores take you back in time. Now you can relax here after a walk through the orchards on the estate and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake, an extensive lunch or a high tea. Or buy fresh products from the estate, such as harvested apples and pears, in the local produce shop.
Front of the Fruit Shed at the Olmenhorst estate

High tea at the Fruit Warehouse

There is much to experience on the Olmenhorst. In addition to events and weddings, the traditional apple picking takes place every year. Spring is beautiful when the whole orchard is in bloom. Do you want to spend the night? That is possible at the small campsite. There are also many workshops by artists. De Fruitloods is a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of coffee and cake on the estate. You are also welcome to eat a sandwich or have a drink. The high tea is popular. De Fruitloods has a terrace and a greenhouse where you can sit outside early in the season. 

Picnic in the orchard 

On warm days, there is nothing more fun than having an extensive lunch in the orchard. You can always go to the Fruitloods for a well-filled picnic basket and a beautiful spot in the orchard. The basket is filled with countless healthy and organic products. A minimum number of two people applies for the picnic. Book at least four working days in advance. Take a look at the website for the contents of the well-filled picnic basket. 

Interior inside Fruit shed with shop
Interior Fruit shed with chairs and tables in conservatory
Shop fruit shed with own juices

Children's party at Olmenhorst Lisserbroek 

The area around Olmenhorst is also ideal for a children's party. De Fruitloods has the following possibilities for a birthday party. Do a treasure hunt or come pick fruit in September and October. Do you want to paint silk, draw treasure map and make candles? That is also an option. Of course there is always a nice spot at the Fruitloods to enjoy something delicious. Unpack with the high tea for an unforgettable day! 

Regional products shop Olmenhorst 

Apples, pears and many other types of fruit are grown organically at Landgoed de Olmenhorst. Every year you can come and pick these and buy them in the regional products shop. All year round there are all kinds of fresh products for sale from the area and Olmenhorst's own juices and jams.  


The Fruit Shed
Lisserweg 481a
2156 AS Lisserbroek
The Netherlands