Grand Café De Parel: dining at the Westeinderplassen

Grand Café De Parel is a cozy restaurant located on the Westeinderplassen near Leimuiderbrug. One of the statements of Grand Café De Parel is: “A well-kept secret near Amsterdam Airport”. It is the ideal stop on your cycling route through Haarlemmermeer where you can enjoy a bite to eat in peace and with a view over the lakes.
Terrace on the water of De Parel.

Lunch during cycle route Haarlemmermeer 

Did you get hungry while cycling? Then stop for lunch on the waterfront at Grand Café De Parel. The menu includes tasty sandwiches, hot dishes and salads. Just want a cup of coffee with a piece of cake? That is also possible. After such a solid bottom you can pedal again! While eating you have a beautiful view of the Westeinderplassen. 

The bar of Grand Cafe de Pearl
View of Grand cafe de Parel from the Ringvaart with boats in the water

Renovated restaurant Leimuiderbrug 

Since January 2022, Grand Café De Parel has been given a completely new look. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere where you can enjoy a snack and drink. It is a location where it really feels like you are away from it all. With reviews it has been rated number 1 restaurant in Leimuiderbrug. So it is definitely worth cycling or sailing to. Because there is also room for your boat at the private jetty! 

Restaurant at Westeinderplassen 

The Westeinderplassen stretches from Leimuiderbrug to Aalsmeer and is the largest inland waterway in the province of North Holland. Here you will see a lot of activity on the water, because it is a fantastic place for water sports. Sailing, surfing or supping. All water sports enthusiasts know where to find the Westeinderplassen.  

Will you come and enjoy a delicious dish with a view of the Westeinderplassen? 


Grand café De Parel
Leimuiderdijk 364
2155MT Leimuiderbrug
The Netherlands