QuatreBeach: Mediterranean restaurant in Lijnden

QuatreBeach is located in the Lijnden pumping station. This is a concept where connections are made between young and old. QuatreBeach started as a pop-up bar in Badhoevedorp and has now moved to Lijnden. The contemporary interior is a mix of festival atmosphere and beach house. Because the QuatreBeach chefs have worked in Spain, Italy and France, the menu is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. On your plate you taste the Mediterranean with a modern twist. The terrace is partly sandy, so if you close your eyes for a second, you really feel like you are there!
Dish with menu at Qbeach

Pop-up restaurant with beach club feel  

Is the sun shining brightly and do you want to sit with your feet in the sand? QuatreBeach has its own beach terrace. Plop down on one of the lounge sofas, picnic tables or beach chairs. Even the dog can come to this restaurant. In summer you can immerse yourself in the hot tub. Order a special beer or cocktail and you'll get that holiday feeling! 

The varied menu  

If you don't know yet whether you fancy Spanish, Italian or French dishes, QuatreBeach is the right place for you. Everyone will find something delicious on the extensive menu. Whether you are vegan or just love fish. At QuatreBeach the choice is enormous. QuatreBeach works a lot with fresh and local products from suppliers in Badhoevedorp. In addition, the lunch and dinner menu changes regularly. This way there is something new to taste every time.  

Outside at qbeach with signage to places far away with distance
Interior Qbeach
Surfboard on wall with text qbeach with piece of the dutch flag

Theme evenings at QuatreBeach 

Because they like variety at QuatreBeach, the team regularly organizes 'dinner out with a theme'. Such as a Spanish evening or cheese fondue evening. All activities and special theme evenings can be found in the online calendar on the website. It is important that you make reservations for the special themed evenings. 

Reservation restaurant Badhoevedorp 

You often do not need to make a reservation at QuatreBeach and you can go straight for a drink or a snack. Do you want to be sure of a spot? Then you can reserve online. If you come with a larger group, it is best to call 06-15665570. You can indicate by telephone how large the group is and discuss details.  



Akerdijk 12
1165 LE Lijnden
The Netherlands