Restaurant Geoff's: dining on the water in Aalsmouderbrug

Are you looking for a restaurant on the water? Geoff's in Aalsmouderbrug is located on the Ringvaart near the Westeinderplassen of Aalsmeer. Look out over the boats and enjoy the famous steak. This beautiful location is also the right place for a delicious high tea or high wine. Enjoy the nice weather, food and the environment.
Billboard outside of Geoff's with 2 cyclists in the background

Restaurant on the water

Moor your boat or get off on your bike. At Geoff's you can have a nice bite to eat. Geoff's is known for its delicious steak and tasty satay. For lunch and dinner, the dishes are served on the water. Are you more of a cheese fan? Then the cheese fondue is really something for you. In the summer, Geoff's also roasts meat and fish fresh on the barbecue. Geoff's works with daily fresh products. That makes the dishes extra tasty!

Drinks on the water in Aalsmeer

Do you have something to celebrate or do you just fancy a nice drink? Then you've come to the right place at Geoff's. At this beautiful location they are happy to serve you an appetizing drink. You don't have to order dinner anymore, because this fills the stomach. You can also order drink dishes separately. Time for a high wine or high tea? Geoff's is happy to offer you this opportunity. It is possible from two people. With various snacks and drinks you go home with a well-filled belly. In short: it will be a pleasant afternoon or evening!

Bottle of wine with menu card on the table at Geoff's
Interior of restaurant Geoff's Aalsmouderbrug
Terrace on the water at Geoff's

You can also enjoy Geoff's at home

Geoff's also has the option of take-out or delivery. Starters, soups, main courses, desserts, but also tasty snacks for drinks. Everything on the dinner menu can be picked up or delivered. This way you can enjoy the delicious food of Geoff's at home!

Are you near the Ringvaart or are you cycling along Geoff's? Then step inside. Enjoy the beautiful view and the delicious food and drinks.


Geoff's restaurant
Aalsmeer dike 452
1436 BM Aalsmeerderbrug
The Netherlands