CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum '40-'45 in Aalsmouderbrug

The Second World War was clearly noticeable in Haarlemmermeer. CRASH '40-'45 has been taking you through the history of the war years from 30 to 1940 for 1945 years. Learn everything about the air war and visit the resistance museum in the Fort near Aalsmeer.
Airplane in the CRASH air war and resistance museum

World War II in Haarlemmermeer 

CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum '40-'45 deals with two subjects from the Second World War. The first part deals with the air war that was fought in 1940. The museum was created by the discovery of a British bomber in 1987. The collection of aircraft wrecks quickly grew. During the war, about 750 planes crashed over the Randstad.  

Airplane wrecks  

For example, parts of a Fokker D.XXI (the only one of its kind) that was shot down by the German occupiers can be seen in the museum. The impressive story of the pilot who survived the crash can be heard in the exhibition. Remains of many other aircraft that crashed during the war can also be seen in exhibition form. A huge reconstructed Spitfire stands in the foyer of the museum. The CRASH collection is unique for a Dutch museum!  

Outside the CRASH museum about the 2nd world war
Cockpit of World War 2 plane

War museum and resistance museum in Haarlemmermeer 

Do you want to know more about what the Haarlemmermeerders did in the resistance? Or how many people in hiding ended up in the municipality? And what is the story of the secret agent Jos Gemmeke? There is plenty to discover in the second part of the CRASH Museum. This is a resistance museum and focuses on hiding, resistance and secret agents. For example, view the models of two hiding places. The museum also regularly organizes a changing exhibition that fits a major theme. View the agenda ( for the current exhibition. The team of volunteers often organizes lectures. 

In the CRASH air war and resistance museum
Model from World War II in museum CRASH
Pilot near plane in museum CRASH

CRASH in Fort near Aalsmeer 

The CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum '40-'45 is housed in the Fort near Aalsmeer and is located near Rijsenhout and Aalsmouderbrug. This fort is part of the Waterline Defense Line of Amsterdam. Although you would suspect that this was built during World War II, the fort dates from 1905. Outside the museum is the Missing Man Salute monument. 

Crash Museum Opening  

The CRASH Museum is open every Saturday and the second Sunday of the month. Group visits are possible by appointment. The opening hours of the CRASH Museum can be found below. Reserve an entrance ticket via the website and discover everything about the air war and the resistance of 1940-1945.  


Crash Museum
Aalsmeer dike 460
1436 BM Aalsmeerderbrug
The Netherlands