Cruquius Museum: the iconic hotspot of Haarlemmermeer

One of the most important locations in Haarlemmermeer is the Cruquius pumping station. This historic place is directly connected to the watery past of Haarlemmermeer. Today, Gemaal de Cruquius is a cultural hotspot with a museum. Here you can take a look at the history of the battle against the water.

Then and now 

Gemaal de Cruquius is a national monument from 1849. Together with Leeghwater and Lynden, it is one of the three pumping stations with which the Haarlemmermeer was pumped dry between 1849 and 1852. The Cruquius pumping station is the largest steam engine in the world. And, like the village itself, is named after Nicolaus Samuelis Cruquius. This man was a Dutch land surveyor, hydraulic planner, cartographer and astronomer who lived from 1678 to 1754. 

Today, the Cruquius pumping station is an important industrial monument due to its special architecture and rich history. It even belongs to the top 100 of Dutch national monuments. This unique location has since been converted into a cultural hotspot with an innovative museum. The Cruquius pumping station also offers meeting rooms and rooms for various events.  

Watch the story of Haarlemmermeer and the origin of this pumping station in the video below. 

Cruquis Museum 

In 1933 the pumping station was added to the museum. The collection can still be seen today in a modern jacket. The Cruquius Museum tells the centuries-long history of the battle against the water. Are you curious about a preview? During a virtual tour Nicolaus Samuelis Cruquius and his housekeeper Johanna take you through the pumping station and the reclamation of the polder. There are also audio tours available in the museum and there is a fun treasure hunt for children. 

Environment Cruquius pumping station 

After discovering the fascinating history you can go to restaurant Teahouse Cruquius enjoy a delicious lunch. The restaurant is located right next to the pumping station, in a unique location with an unobstructed view over the water. In addition, the beautiful garden is the perfect place for an extensive high tea during the summer months. 

The nearby surroundings of the Cruquius pumping station also offer various options for relaxation. There are several cycling routes and hiking trails that take you through the surrounding polder. Nature and the water always offer you a surprising landscape. 

The opening hours of the Cruquius pumping station and the museum can be found below. Book your entrance ticket now via the website, for an unforgettable visit to this unique location. 

Interior steam pumping station Cruquius
Piston in steam pumping station Cruquius
Machine steam pumping station Cruquius


Cruquius pumping station & Cruquius Museum
Cruquiusdijk 27
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