Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer: ​​170 years of pioneering history 

Do you want to know more about the 170 years young history of Haarlemmermeer? Then visit the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer in Hoofddorp. Discover the history at the permanent and temporary exhibitions and meet the many pioneers from the municipality.
Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer

Back in time in the museum of Haarlemmermeer 

Do you have the Cruquius pumping station visited and are you fully aware of the reclamation of the Haarlemmermeer? Then visit this other museum in Hoofddorp. The Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer is nearby the Haarlemmermeer forest. The indoor museum has a central square with a recreated school, bank, church and of course a café. There is even a water pump in the middle! The Haarlemmermeerpolder was drained for agricultural land. That is why you will find many old agricultural tools here. There is also attention for the old crafts, such as the blacksmith and grocer. 

Recent history Haarlemmermeer 

The history of Haarlemmermeer is still very young at only 170 years. In addition to agricultural history, this historical museum also focuses on the war years and the creation of Schiphol Airport. Step into the cockpit layout to experience for yourself what it's like to be a pilot and prepare your landing on one of the airstrips. In addition to a permanent exhibition, there is a different exhibition in the small room every three months. Look in the schedule to see what's planned. 

Girl looks at shop from early
Girl looks through old shop window
Model of Haarlemmermeer in the Historical Museum

Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer with children 

Do you want to teach your children some knowledge about Haarlemmermeer? Then do the Dik Trom treasure hunt in the museum. The children's book author C. Joh. Kievit grew up in the municipality. The well-known children's books are also set in Hoofddorp in the 19th century. For older children there is another treasure hunt: visiting the polder. 

Visit the museum in Hoofddorp 

The opening hours of the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer can be found below. Book your entrance ticket now via the website, for a glimpse into the 170-year-old history of the municipality. 


Historical Museum
17 forest road
2131 LX Hoofddorp
The Netherlands