Kunstfort Vijfhuizen: contemporary art about climate and politics

Kunstfort Vijfhuizen is a unique place where contemporary art about climate and politics is presented. For some a touch of science fiction, for others an opening to dialogue. The Kunstfort is located on an island near the Meerwijkplas in Vijfhuizen and is part of the waterline Defense Line of Amsterdam.
Entrance of Fort Vijfhuizen

Exhibitions on the fortress island 

The Kunstfort Vijfhuizen brings together several themes: art, heritage and nature. And that is not for nothing. Did you know that the Fort near Vijfhuizen was one of the first concrete buildings in the Netherlands? Even then the fort was a strange sight in a polder landscape. The principle of human intervention in a landscape is also reflected in the art you see here. Climate and politics are common themes that artists highlight. The entire fortress island is used for exhibitions. There are also changing installations and works of art in the outdoor area. Look at the agenda for an up-to-date overview.  

Defense of Amsterdam 

The Fort near Vijfhuizen is part of the water line Defense Line of Amsterdam. Despite the ingenious defense plan, the fort has never been used for the purpose it was built for. The Dutch water lines do belong to the famous UNESCO heritage list and are therefore protected, just like the pyramids or famous palaces. In the municipality of Haarlemmermeer you will find all kinds of remnants of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. Read more on this page.

Exterior art fort Vijfhuizen with water in front
Terrace outside at Fort Vijfhuizen
Artwork outside at Fort Vijfhuizen
Works of art inside Fort Vijfhuizen
Modern art inside Fort Vijfhuizen


Fortress 5, located next to Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, is the newest food spot. Visit this brasserie in a unique location quickly! 

Visit Kunstfort Vijfhuizen  

The Kunstfort near Vijfhuizen is open from spring to autumn. In the winter months you can visit the restaurant and the outdoor area. Parts of the fort are not easily accessible for a wheelchair, walker or pram. You can find the opening hours of the Kunstfort Vijfhuizen on their website. Reserve an entrance ticket via the website and be surprised by a science fiction take on art in a beautiful heritage site!  


Kunstfort Vijfhuizen
Fort Guardian 1
2141 EE Vijfhuizen
The Netherlands