Museum Stompe Toren: medieval monument in Spaarnwoude

The medieval Stompe Toren near Spaarnwoude is regularly open as a Historical Museum and cultural center. As far as we know, it originated in 1036. It is the oldest monument in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. The church is one of the oldest in North Holland and has endured for centuries. The church tower was shortened by more than twenty meters in the 19th century, giving the church the name Stompe Toren.
Exterior Stompetoren Spaarndam

Iconic church and monument in Spaarnwoude 

The Stompe Toren, as we now know it as the face of Spaarnwoude, was built in 1764. But there was already a tower on this spot in the 13th century and later a church. During the war with the Spaniards, the church was set on fire in 1573. The farmer who lived next to the church saved thirteen wooden figurines and the rosary of Claes van Kieten. The old pieces are now part of the museum's collection. There is also an old pulpit in the Stompe Toren. 

This is how the church got a blunt tower 

In 1844 (the French period) the church became a Protestant church. The church was in dire need of restoration. The new church organization could not afford that at the time. Out of necessity, part of the tower was removed. The tower has a wooden roof with tiles. Spaarnwoude's skyline with the pointed church tower changed. Because the tower was still clearly visible from the IJ and the Zuiderzee as a landmark.   

Artists in Stompe Toren Spaarnwoude 

The last church service was held in 1800. In the 20th century, various artists moved into the Stompe Toren and held studios here. Before the war that was the painter Frans Baljon and from 1961 to 1982 the sculptor Jan Mulder. The De Raaf family also lived there. Since Mulder's departure, volunteers have been working on the restoration. Since 2022 it is a new museum. The archive is housed at the Noord-Hollands Archief. 

Cultural Center and wedding location Stompe Toren  

You can visit the Stompe Toren for the museum, to attend a concert or for a wedding. The Stompe Toren is a popular wedding location. View on the agenda for an overview of the concerts.  

inside Stompetoren with seating arrangement


Stubby Tower
Kerkweg 26
2064 KS Spaarnwoude
The Netherlands