Story posts: links in the chain

The Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer has come up with an original way to highlight stories from the area. Through 20 mini-museums in the open air you can discover all the interesting facts and facts of the Haarlemmermeer. The project behind these unique story posts is called Links on the chain.
Story posts

Special outdoor museum 

With 2000 years of history, the heritage of Haarlemmermeer consists of various links of stories and events. These have shaped the Haarlemmermeer into what it is today. The story posts allow you to read the story behind a place while actually standing there. This is how history really comes to life. For example, think of an old farmhouse. You can imagine this much better when you stand in the farmland and see the meadows. 

Artwork with QR code 

The story posts are easy to recognize by a letter artwork on top of a square plinth. When you look at the artwork against a light background you can discover a word. This word matches the piece of text on the plinth. Here you will also find the NAP height of the place where you are. And a map with QR code and the number of the story pole. By scanning this QR code with your phone you get direct access to a more extensive story. 

Cycling past the museum 

It is best to discover the story posts of Schakels aan de chain during a bike ride. This way you will learn all the stories of the history of the Haarlemmermeer along the way. There are a total of 20 posts along the cycle route. At some locations you can pick up a free cycling map on which the story poles are all indicated. At the Gemaal de Cruquius, the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer and at the VVV in bookstore Stevens

For the ultimate day out, combine the cycling route along the story poles with a snack or drink. This is perfect on one of the terraces on the route. For example, the De Olmenhorst estate near Lisserbroek (story post 15) or the Fort NOXX restaurant (story post 3) are really worth a visit.

Tip: sometimes you have to look extra closely to discover where a story pole is. They are deliberately placed in such a way that they disappear a bit into the landscape. Would you like to learn more about the history of Haarlemmermeer after discovering the story posts? Then pay a visit to Gemaal De Cruquius and the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer. There is much more to discover here!