Farm shop de Landyn Zwaanshoek – organic products

Fresh organic vegetables on your plate from the Landyn farm shop. Everything is grown in their own horticultural company in Zwaanshoek. Always wanted to take a look at a farm? You can do that at the Landyn! De Landyn started in 1985 and the family business also has a farm shop. They sell the vegetables grown by the horticultural company in the yard. You can also buy fresh eggs and there are sheep that graze on the plot.
Interior farm shop de landyn

The garden of the Landyn 

Since the start, all vegetables have been grown organically in the Landyn market garden. This means that the farmer does not use chemical pesticides and fertilizers during cultivation. The vegetables are given time to grow and the process is not accelerated by fertilizers, artificial light and extra heat. A natural course of the process has no influence on the taste, quality and shelf life of the product.  

Forgotten vegetables  

Many forgotten vegetables are grown in the Landyn market garden that you don't easily find in the store anymore. Think, for example, of chard, black radish, vegetable praise, Jerusalem artichokes, turnip greens, parsnip or celeriac. On the Landyn website you will find delicious recipes to cook with. Do you want fresh vegetables every week? Then take out a vegetable package subscription. You can pick it up at Landyn every week on Friday or Saturday. The package always has potatoes, vegetables and fruits.  

Covered greenhouse with plants at Landyn
Garden with tulips in bloom at Landyn farm shop
Employee busy with young plants outside at farm shop Landyn
2 landyn cauliflowers

Organic farm shop   

Naturally, the Landyn's farm shop sells home-grown vegetables, herbs and fresh eggs. This is also a good address for fresh fruit from the area and other organic foodstuffs such as pasta, rice and muesli. You can even find honey and wine there. So you can go to the farm shop for delicious fresh local products.  

School gardens and excursions 

From May to September, school classes from the neighborhood come to the Landyn every week. They manage their own school gardens here. In this way, the children learn with all their senses what is involved in growing fruit and vegetables. There are also excursions with groups of children in the yard on other days. For example, many see that it is not bad to learn to work with your hands.   


Farm shop de Landyn
Spieringweg 1228
2136 LR Zwaanshoek
The Netherlands